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Taxation of software importation by end users in Brazil

Update from July, 2014: Rules have changed. Please read    Reduction in the Brazilian taxation of imported services - if you are from the right country


One of the questions I have been receiving a lot lately is how to sell/import software to Brazil.

I have published an article about that at Alternative Latin Investor, an excellent magazine.

I hope it helps you to understand at least part of the regulations. You will find a link to download the article at the end of the post.
NOTE: After I wrote the article, the government has granted a partial exemption on the PIS/COFINS tax for some kinds of software licensing agreements. If you need a more updated information, please write me at adler@adler.net. br.

Adler Martins has teamed up with Alternative Latin Investor (ALI) to contribute to their cutting edge coverage of Latin America .  ALI’s newest issue, August/ September 2012, takes a look at the retail sector in Latin America.

Click here to read Adler’s article “Software Importation by End Users in Brasil” in Alternative Latin Investor:  

About Alternative Latin Investor: ALI is the first digital and print publication to offer highly coveted information and actionable analysis regarding alternative investments in Latin America. Topics include Wealth Advisory, Commodities, Forex, Private Equity, Wine, Art, Regulation, Philanthropy, Hedge Funds, Agribusiness, Renewable Energy, Emerging Markets and Real Estate.
For more information, contact – Tiffany Swenson – tiffany@alternativelatininvestor.com or visit Http://www.alternativelatininvestor.com

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