segunda-feira, 19 de novembro de 2012

Dilma, cut to the chase. We want Visa waiver to the USA.

ilma, my President,

I deeply appreciate your high level discussions with President Obama regarding Iran and Cuba, for they are all part of the international issues that Brazil, as an emerging power, should be worried about.
The student exchange programs with US universities are also an excellent idea. And who am I to criticize the Cachaça - Bourbon deal.

I, too, am a little disappointed that you didn't receive a full head of state reception, with gala dinner and parade. But, let's be honest, Brazil may still have a little homework to do before we deserve that kind of homage.

But please, if you can get only one thing, it should be the visa waiver. That is the one thing that prevents an even greater exchange between Brazil and the USA. So many opportunities are being lost daily just because it is enormously difficult for Brazilians to travel to the USA, even on business trips. The opposite is also true: few Americans will come to Brazil to do business, unless they already have some pressing issue already happening here.

We want to go to Disney World more easily. And we want to be able to make a short business trip to New York without having to spend two days in a line and two weeks by the mail box.

Brazilians from economic classes C, B and A.

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