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How to register with Banco central money coming from a personal account abroad into a Brazilian business account? I've read that the Brazilian company receiving the money needs to be registered

Well, this is fairly bureaucratic.  First, the investment must be filed before the local Commercial Registry

Then, the foreign investor, usually through a Brazilian with Power of Attorney, must go to the Brazilian Central Bank to obtain a login and password that will enable it to access the Sisbacen electronic System.

After that, the investor must register the investment in the Sisbacen System, on the exact terms filed before the Commercial Registry.

 Also, I must say that the Sisbacen interface is not easy to operate (it is a DOS based system)

This is part of what I do on a daily basis as a lawyer/consultant. I'd strongly advise you to look for professional help.

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Note: Extracted from a Linkedin  Conversation

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