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A Brazilian Visa: Worth the Price of a Fake Marriage

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A Brazilian Visa: Worth the Price of a Fake Marriage for Many of Europe’s Unemployed.
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fake marriage 150x150 A Brazilian Visa: Worth the Price of a Fake Marriage for Many of Europes Unemployed.To the eyes of the world, Brazil appears to be the land of opportunities.  Having recently surpassed Great Britain as the 6th largest economy in the world, there appears to be no end in site to Brazil’s booming economy.
With Brazil’s unemployment rate hovering around 5.8%, its no surprise that Europeans are flocking to Brazil in record numbers in search of employment.
I mention this because World Crunch published an article detailing the lengths Europeans will go to obtain a Brazilian visa. The original article was published in the Brazilian newspaperFohla De S. Paulo.
As the article points out,   growing numbers of foreigner are entering into fake marriages  to gain residency there due to the difficulty in obtaining  a Brazilian work visa,   While illegal, it’s widely seen as the best alternative for many of those who want to get a permanent visa for Brazil.
Marriage, however, is not the only way to obtain a Brazilian visa. Another option is to claim a what’s called a “stable union” to obtain a permanent visa.
As one European explains “ ”I could look for a job in Germany, where I was before I lost my job. But Europe is getting worse and worse, while the situation here is just the opposite.”
Click on over to Fohla De S. Paulo for more on the story (in Portuguese).

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