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Higher investment threshold for investment Visas in Brazil

The Brazilian government has raised the minimum capital requirements for granting permanent Director's Visas in Brazil.

From now on, Companies must invest at least BRL 600.000,00 (six hundred thousand) Brazilian Reais in order to obtain a visa for its foreign directors who are coming to live in Brazil.

Each additional director will require another BRL 600.000,00.

The other option is to invest at least BRL 150.000,00 (one hundred and fifty thousand Reais) and commit to the creation of at least 10 job posts within 2 years. (This is the same rule applicable for individuals who want to move into Brazil).


The legal community has been expecting this change.  The new Immigration Counsel policy is to establish standards in Brazilian Reais instead of the old dollar limits. Also, as Brazil receives more and more investment and immigrants, and as the Real appreciates more and more, it was clear that the government would eventually raise the "cost" of the permanent Visa.


Promises are not enough. If the company wants to benefit from the Visa that "costs" R$150.000,00, it shall draft a detailed and credible business plan showing that the creation of 10 new jobs within 2 years is a realistic assumption.

Also, the company must prepare itself for being audited. The Ministry will certainly make occasional visits to check on how business are going. (Not that it is necessary. The Government can control the payroll through the Internet. But they will do it anyway).

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