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Comments from a friend who invests in Brazil

Comment from a friend who invests a lot in Brazil. Extracted from my Google plus account.

He is basically criticizing the recent changes in Brazilian approach to land acquisition by foreigners.

Paul Yih (Google+) If Latin America and my beloved Brazil to be able to find compatibility in the global market -- Paraguay 's corporate tax is 10% and also , I can see where paraguay can have the international banking with multiple currencies like HK or Macao -- Like HK and Macao, Paraguay is also can be most strategic for the entire Latin America -- and Paraguay wil have the lowest of corporate tax in the world -- And the way, the Brazilians are changing their land deal status with China - This will open up more for the investment into Paraguay for larger land parcels and also the sharing of biofuel technology -- Adler, I am here basically forewarning my dearest Brazilians :) None else.

Do you have any comments?

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