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Brazil: A User’s Guide

This post is not the complete legal guide to doing business in Brazil (such thing does not exist and would be outdated in 24 hours if it did).

It is the deliciously humorous article published by Granta magazine, about what Brazil looks like from an extraterrestrial pespective.

It is very funny, specially for the foreigners who have lived or visited Brazil, and who will be able to understand all the jokes.


Following on from the first and second dispatches from the newly appointed Ambassador to São Paulo back to his home planet, Juan Pablo Villalobos offers a guide to surviving life in Brazil.

Identity crisis (1). São Paulo and Manaus are as similar as Wales and China. Comparing Rio de Janeiro and Palmas is like comparing a shoe with a rocket. Porto Alegre and Rio Branco like a frog to a cup of coffee. Belo Horizonte and Salvador like an Other-Human hair to a constellation. The sum of these differences is called Brazil.

Tips that can save your self esteem (1). You don’t want to play in that football game on the beach, believe me.

Bureaucratic stuff (1). The Brazilian banking system was created by a Czech writer called Franz Kafka.

Ways of saying Hi (1):
– Hi, all ok?
– All ok and you?
– All ok.
– Then it is ok.

Security controls. If you want to enter to a condominium, relax. Have you ever gone to Pluto with a Green Planet passport?

For the rest, go to Granta's website.

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