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Exporting to Brazil in a nutshell

Bildergebnis für exportDear Adler,

What we have been looking into is the process and requirements needed to import into Brasil. 

 Which type of declaração de importação is needed and which type of company needs to be set up? 

  We believe this is all based on the amount of money that the company generates.  Does the company need have a physical address or can it be a virtual office? 

 Does it matter which State it is set up in?   

Muito Obrigado
John Proudstar



In a nutshell: 

i) any company can obtain an import license for small amounts of operation. i.e. 150,000.00 USD per year;
ii) for higher ammounts, the company must upgrade its registration. This depends on the company financial capabilty;
iii) each state has its own requirements about the place of business. Most will require at least a front store shop or a small warehouse in order to allow for importation and distribution;
iv) some states have special benefits for imports, but they are being reviewed or contested by courts or by other states.

I hope this helps your planning. Please get in touch if you need more details. 



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