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Purchasing apartments in Brazil – CPF (tax number)

Anyone who plans to purchase real estate in Brazil must obtain a tax enrollment number called CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas).

The CPF is like a social security number. It is required for doing anything in Brazil. You can’t open a bank account or buy a car without having one.

Any foreigner can obtain a CPF, in one of two ways:

  1.  During a visit to Brazil, by paying a cheap fee in the post office and then going to one of the offices of the Revenue Service. Usually, no scheduling is necessary. One can just show up.
  2. Abroad, by filling up a form in the Revenue Service website and then visiting the nearest consulate. Depending on the country, a times slot may be available immediately. In the busies countries, however, you should prepare to wait up to 30 days.  

In either case, you will need a document that contains the name of your mother. Could be your passport, or your ID, etc.

The CPF is a string of numbers. It used to come as a neat blue plastic card, like this one. But they stopped printing them for non-residents. Now they only give you the numbers. 

Once it is inserted in the Revenue Service system, it will be available for any public agency in Brazil, including real estate registry departments (cartórios).

It will also be available for consultation by banks and credit rating agencies.

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