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Brazilian ports infrastructure and logistics – The “Zarpa Brazil” Campaign

A month ago I wrote a post on a study from Exam Magazine regarding the best Brazilian ports, which can be accessed at this link. One of the flaws I pointed out in the study was about the lack of data on the delays and excessive bureaucracy of the Brazilian ports.

I recently read another study, published by the “Zarpa Brazil” Campaign (“Sail Brazil”) , which provided very interesting information. Among it, some data on the bureaucracy of the Brazilian ports. While the global average of days for customs clearance is about 2.9 days, in Brazil the average is 5.5 days. In countries such as the Asian Tigers – Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan – the number of days varies between 0.6 and 1.3.

(Between you and me: no cargo leaves a Brazilian port in less than two weeks, and waiting a month is not rare.)

These reports corroborate a fact already known by many who work with import and export: Brazilian ports suffer from excessive bureaucratisation and need urgent reforms. I will soon publish in my blog more posts on this topic, including information regarding the MP 595, a Brazilian Act which seeks the modernization of Brazilian ports.

To learn more about the Zarpa Brazil Campaign, access: http://www.zarpabrasil.com.br/

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