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Brazilian Family Reunion Visa x Permanent Visa for Retired Persons

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I usually get many requests for visas for my clients: work visas, visas for foreign investors. In general, when one of my foreign clients incorporate a company in Brazil, he is also interested in making an application for a permanent visa. I recently received a visa application request that was not so common: an investor was interested in bringing one of his parents to Brazil. Look at the email I received:

“Dear Adler,
I'm living in Brazil for about five years. My wife is Brazilian and I have opened my own business here. The only problem is that I want to bring my father to live with me. He is getting too older and has difficulty living alone. How can I get a permanent visa for him?”

Thor's question is very interesting. Currently there are two ways to bring his father to Brazil with a permanent visa. The first is the so-called Family Reunion Visa. The second is the Permanent Visa for Retired Persons.

Basically, the differences between these two types of visas are the following: for the Family Reunion Visa, it is necessary to prove that his father are dependents of Thor. As for the Permanent Visa for Retired Persons, it is necessary to prove that his father has a retirement pension able to supply his basic needs in Brazil.

The proof of financial dependency is done through various ways. It is necessary to prove the Thor's father is unable to provide his own needs .This can be done, for example, by providing proof that Thor transfered to his father some money every month to help him financially.

The retirement visa, on the other hand, has a more objective criterion. Thor's father must prove that with his retirement pension he is able to transfer at least R$ 6,000 brazilian reais monthly to a bank account in Brazil.

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