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May I switch jobs when under a working Visa in Brazil?

This is a conversation I had with a client about a relatively normal problem here: changing jobs while on a work visa.

Hi Adler, 

Tudo bem? 

I am looking for what is the process if a foreigner, who is currently working in Brazil on a work visa ITEM V, finds a job in a different company and wants to transfer the visa to the new company.

If you have an article about it that would be great.

And once more thanks and I appreciate your work to make business easier for foreigners in Brazil.


Scarlet Speedster

PS: please reply in flash speed. 


Dear Mr. Speedster,

The rules regarding working visa have been recently modified. 

According to the old rules, your current employer would need to be consulted. Also,  your current visa would be cancelled, and a new one would have to be issued, meaning that you would have to pick it up at the Brazilian consulate in your home country.

But you are lucky!

If you check the article Easier rules for work visas in Brazil, you will see that the new procedure is easier and faster than the previous one. Your new employer will have to contribute with some paperwork, and evens sign a few forms, but it is doable. Above all: your visa will not be cancelled, so you will not have to leave Brazil.

I do not advise you to actually change jobs before going through the new procedures. Some people do change jobs without consideration for the rules, but that is risky, illegal and may get you expelled from the country.

If you need any further information, please get in touch. 



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