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Easier rules for work visas in Brazil

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What changes:

1) Documents must be presented mainly electronically.
2) Most of translations (e.g. diplomas, graduation certificates) can be presented after the visa is required, and not before;
3) Foreigners may switch jobs while in Brazil in a much easier way. The visa is not cancelled when the worker change jobs, but automatically renewed.
4) Postgraduation students can come to Brazil in order to work during their vacation time (up to 90 days a year)

It is also expected that the analysis will be made much faster. 

Please notice that part of the old regulations still apply. The gates are still closed to workers without qualification and a Brazilian company must sponsor the visa request. 

The visa still has to be obtained before you come to Brazil!

Nevertheless, a change for the better. 

4 comentários:

  1. Hopefully this new rule will speed up the 90 days working visa process and also assist local companies to avoid the spendings that were associated with the request of such visa in Brasilia.

  2. So much great information in your site. I washappy to read about the changes in the law regarding changing employment in Brazil with an existing work visa. This is a very possible situation for me. My main concern is that my salary at my current job is higher than the company that wants to higher me. I'm willing to take less because I find the work more interesting and that they will request to extend my work visa which is set to expire in June. Thus I will be able to stay in the country. In summary, can I change to another company if they pay me less? Thanks for any adive.

    1. Dear reader,

      It is possible, in theory, as long as you do not received less than the average for the new position. Please write me, so that I can take a look into your situation.


  3. Is is true that your work permit dies not need to be cancelled if switching jobs in Brazil. Please could you tell more about the process or send a link where it is officially mentioned


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