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How to send profits from Brazil to Europe

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This post cover the remittance of profits that have been obtained by a Brazilian company with foreign shareholders.

Foreign investments in Brazil are subject to registration with the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN), and the information the investor provides becomes part of the Information System of the Central Bank (SISBACEN). This registry is a key requirement, without which the investor cannot remit the profits obtained in his operations in Brazil abroad, repatriate the capital or reinvest the profits.

After Law n. 9.249/2005, the profits earned and distributed from 01/01/1996 became exempt from income tax as well as from the supplementary income tax in Brazil. 

Therefore,  remittance of dividends abroad is exempt from income tax.

Dividends repatriation is allowed, at any time and without any kind of government authorization, as long as the balance sheet of the company is duly registered and the amount remitted is equivalent to the amount declared in the balance.

The financial institution managing the FX agreement may ask for a record of the shareholder`s meeting that decided upon the distribution of profits. This is due to compliance rules. Depending of the compliance analyst, it may accept a simple signed form, or it may request the records to the filed with the Commercial Registry. In this last case, the transaction may be delayed for one or two weeks.

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