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Verifying a Brazilian Power of Attorney - Question from Korea

Currently, I am making business case with Brazilian company and I have received FULL POWERTED POA including rights of enter into negotiation, sell, transfer funds signature and etc. 

Is there any other way, I can verify if the POA issue in Brazil is legitimate? 
For your reference, I have only received POA document only, grantor’s I.D copy and delegator’s I.D have not included. The grantor and delegator is both Brazilian. 
I am looking forward hearing from you soon. 
Best Regards, 

KPop Gangnam 


Dear Kpop

Thanks for the contact. 

It the PoA is a public document (issued by a Brazilian notary public, or "Cartório"), it can be checked in Brazil, by anyoned. A permanent record is available at the Cartório. Even though, one must contact the grantor to check if he happened to cancel the PoA. 

 If it is a private document, the only way to check it is to contact the grantor, or to verify his signature, in case the grantor has a standard signature registered at a local cartório. 

Good luck!





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