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Common doubts about creating a Brazilian import company

This blog has a lot of articles about Brazilian import procedures and Brazilian import costs

But this might be just the one that was missing. 

I had an email conversation with a potential client, in which we covered all of the most frequent questions asked by those who plan to incorporate a company in Brazil and start importing and reselling (which is, I must say, a splendid notion, given Brazil's lack of industry and inclination towards imported goods, specially shiny thing with a brand on it)

Please take note:

Blog reader: How long will it take with your experience to incorporate this import export company?

2-3 months to incorporate, plus one month to obtain the import license. 
(See also: Incorporating a Brazilian company, step by step)

Blog reader: How long it will take to get this import license as well.

One month, as above. 

Blog reader: How many people we must have in the company.  I would like to include as well my girlfriend to facilitate her  residence permit as a passive member of the company.  Are we going to need as well a Brazilian or not?

If each of you invest 150.000 BRL (UPDATE FROM 2016: NEW MINIMUN IS 500,000 BRL, EXCEPT FOR TECH COMPANIES, WHICH MAY INVEST 150,000 BRL)  you two can be Directors. If she does not invest in the company, and is hired as an employee, then there must be two Brazilian employees to each foreign employee. 

 Blog reader: The amount of $150,000 every 6 months is very little so I would like a higher license.  What do you mean with investing R$300,000 in equity get a higher import license?  Do you mean the capital of the company by equity? The money that we put in the companies bank account so we show that the capital is there? Please comment on this.

Yes. The total availability of capital of the company is taken into account when evaluating the expansion of the import license. So, any equity, loans, etc will help  

 Blog reader: Can I have please the scale of import licenses of Brazil so I can see what is available and what is suitable for my project.

There is no standard scale. The evaluation is made on a case by case basis. 

 Blog reader: As for the visa now I want to invest more I think there is an option of R$600,000 for my investor visa to be on the safe side can I with this money ask as well for my girlfriend the same visa.  She is not my wife!!

Each director visa must be "bought" with a  separate deposit of R$600.000,00. 

Blog reader: Where this money is going to be held?  Can you please give me more details.

The money must be deposited in the company's bank account. The government will not control how you use it.

 Blog reader: Can this incorporation licenses and residencies be finished by end of April 2014 if we are ok with all paper works before Christmas around the 23rd of December?

If we start now (December), April is a reasonable deadline. 


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  1. HI - Your blog has been incredibly informative! I do have a question, and it seems as ANVISA's stance is a bit blurry but perhaps you are more knowledgable on the subject: Is there a personal consumption allowance for nutritional & sport supplements for import by individuals? I found something for medical supplies or medications that allowed import by individuals for personal consumption but I have not been able to find specifics on health & wellness supplements such as beauty or sports nutritional supplements. What do you think?

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  2. Yes such a informative blog. Got so much to know about start the import export firm. I didn't know that we have to keep 2 local employees for every single foreign employee.
    Import Export Business

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