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Start-up Brazil Program

With the global technological innovation trend, the Brazilian government saw the need to help the competitiveness of Brazilian technology companies’ products, both domestically and internationally. To do so, it created several investment programs for such business segment, imposing few restrictions and considerable benefits.

The Brazilian government has created the Start-up Brazil, a program that aims to accelerate the development of technology-based companies, specifically software and services, by investing in new products.

It reveals a Brazilian trend in offering to the local and international market new innovative products and services, connecting our technological businesses with global ones, as well as seeks to build a partnership between the government and the private sector to foster the technology-based entrepreneurship.

The forecast of funds for investment is 40 million dollars and the companies that may apply are the ones with up to 3 years old. It shall be highlighted that 25% of the start-ups to be benefited by the program are international companies located in Brazil.

This initiative is part of the TI Maior, a Brazilian government program started in 2012 that sets several benefits for companies engaged in the technology industry.

The Paulista Innovation Fund (Fundo de Inovação Paulista), created in partnership with the Agency Develops SP and FINEP, follows the same line. This fund has from 60 million to 100 million and aims to invest in innovative companies that have authorization from the Securities Commission (Comissão de Valores Mobiliários - "CVM").

As well as the Government, the private sector also sought to create strategies to foment the development of technological creative industry. As an example of such initiative is the Criatec Fund, which seeks to invest in emerging and innovative companies and to obtain capital gain by investing long-term in early-stage companies (including zero stage), with innovative profile and a high return .

This fund still seeks to promote an integration of efforts among governments, universities and institutions of science and technology and the local business community, in order to maximize the technological development.

Furthermore, it is becoming more often in this business segment the intervention of Business Angels who are willing to inject capital in IT companies in embryonic stage. These are usually executives or successful companies that have accumulated sufficient resources to allocate part of them in investments.

As it turns out, there are a good number of initiatives both private and public to assist the development of start-ups in the IT sector, which is why investing in such companies in Brazil right now should be an option for those looking for building new business.


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