segunda-feira, 8 de julho de 2013

A cool Brazilian blog: Brazilphenomenon

I'm always looking for new points of view about Brazil (managing my google alerts is not easy, and reading my RSS reader is a challenge even for me).

This blog has called my attention: It is written by an Argentinian who has been educated in the UK, and has been living in Brazil for 20+ years.

Her takes on Bureaucracy and "jeitinho brasileiro" are very interesting. She is also very acid sometimes, bordering cinical. Here and there, she make some comments that would make a Brazilian shudder (such as saying that Brazilian police is among the best in the world). But a nice read.

I have selected a few posts that are more connected to business and Brazilian law. And another one that reflects her personal views.  It is worth a reading.

Sending and receiving money in Brazil (swift, iban and other horrors) – Update 23/07/2012

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