Av. Prudente de Moraes, nº. 901, cj. nº. 311/312, Cidade Jardim 
Belo Horizonte – MG. 
CEP: 30350-143
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Phone: +55 31 4141 1494

2 comentários:

  1. Which country is the mainly imported labour in Brazil?

  2. Iam Dutch and have many investments In Brazil;I don't live in Holland
    I had an born Brazilian girl as friend but she got here dutchpasport already 10 years and she lives in Holland about 20 years,
    I had this girl as an friend and helped here in here live in Holland. I live not in Holland and travail all over the world so not live with here.
    Suddenly she went to Brazil and claim she is my wife and want half of my pocessions in Brazil.In Holland she have no change????
    Is an Brazil judge in title to do this or she have to go to Holland


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