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Monthly expenses of a new Brazilian company

Brazilian companies must all have, from day one, a local accountant and an administrator (director) who lives in Brazil. 

Foreign partners must also have a local representative in Brazil, at all times. This representative may, sometimes, be the director or a Brazilian partner. Other times, he must be hired to perform this job. 

Because of all that, any Brazilian company will face some monthly expenses that are mandatory: 

  • Monthly cost for a nominee administrator is of at least 600.00 USD per month.  A professioal administrator, hired for the job, would cost about 1,500.00 USD. 
  • The admininistrator must collect social security, which is based on the value he receives. The minimum payment is about 90.00 USD.
  • Monthly cost for an accountancy firm starts at 350 USD per month. Average of 500 USD in São Paulo.
  • Monthly cost for a local representative for the foreign investors starts at 350 USD per month

Be prepared!

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