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Exporting old electronics to Brazil

Exchange of messages with a reader, published with his approval. 

Dear Adler,

I came across your blog and it is so informative but I still have something to ask you as I cannot find the info.

I want to find out what is involved with shipping broken and/or used electronics from the US (old iPhones, android phones, electronic musical instruments, etc.). 

Our plan is having them fixed/refurbished in Brazil and then wholesaling those to retailers and/or selling them directly via the retail market. 

I am also interested in finding out what the tax rates are for this and also how long it takes things to go through customs.

Best regards,



Dear Reader,
Thanks for reading the blog.

Your plan is very hard to do, because importation of used good and/or trash is mostly prohibited in Brazil. You might try to import the equipment as parts, but they would have to be disassembled. 

Paraguay has less strict regulations. You might try to executed the plan there and sell to Brazil.

Please let me know if you would like further information about it.

May I post your questions in the blog, without mentioning your name?


Dear Adler,

Thanks for quick response.  You may publish the questions in your blog.

I have few more questions and hope you can help me out:

If we need to establish this business in Paraguay, will you be helping us or do you have some one that can help us establishing the company, and other things?

Do you have any idea on total taxing rates? US to Paraguay and then to Brazil particularly for refurbished consumer electronic goods?

And also I am interested on knowing what will be the process involved in importing new consumer electronics into Brazil from US like restrictions, reporting requirements, licenses, taxes, tariffs, etc and how long it takes things to go through customs



Dear Reader, 

I know some excellent law firms in Paraguay. They will be able to help you with taxes there.

Import taxes in Brazil are calculated based on the HS codes for the goods. They are usually very high, about 80% of the CIF value.  

Please see the specific post about it in this blog: http://brazilianlawblog.blogspot.com.br/2012/11/brazilian-import-costs.html

I will also introduce you to some good customs brokers.

Let`s keep in touch.


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