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How can one Judge block Whatsapp in Brazil?

Bildergebnis für whatsapp prohibitedSince  yesterday, there has been confirmation of rumor about suspension of Whatsapp in Brazil (Link to Valor, in Portuguese, here).

It seems the judge has used the powers granted to him by the Marco Civil (Internet law, which I have described in this post).

There is speculation that the cause would be the sharing of pedophily videos, or the refusal, by Whatsapp, to provide information on the users that would be sharing such videos.

Brazil has a long history of blocking internet. In 2007, Youtube went down due to a leaked sex video displaying Daniella Cicarelli, a Brazilian model. At the time there was no specific legislation for such cases .

Since the new Internet Law, such measure are now much easier to enforce.

I would like so stress that Whatsapp (and, in theory, Facebook, its parent company) may be subject to heavy penalties in Brazil, according to Brazilian law. The application of those penalties has not been mentioned by the media yet.

I have always known that Marco Civil was up to no good and would be used as a censorhip tool.

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