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Importing tablets and musical instruments into Brazil

FROM A CONVERSATION WITH A CLIENT (details have been changed)


My name is Sam Wilson and I am seeking any information on the process and procedures of shipping to Brazil. 

The products that I would be shipping includes: laptops, phones, tablets, and musical instruments.

I have a contact in Goiania that would re-sell the products.

What sort of licensing would be needed to ship these products into brazil?

Thank you.



Thanks for the contact. 

First of all, you must make sure that you distributor in Goiania is company licensed to import. It must possess the import license, which is commonly referred to in Brazil as RADAR (read about here).

Importing electronics into Brazil is not specially complicated. However, since you are dealing with equipments that will make us of WIFI, 3G, Bluetooth and other forms of electromagnetic communication you will need to have them certified by Anatel, the Brazilian telecommunication agency. (there is a lecture about it in the blog, but it has not been translated to English yet)

Products from famous brands such as Vaio, Dell, Nokia and Apple are probably alredy authorized by Anatel. But they are probably subject to exclusive distribution agreements too. So, don't risk selling them here before obtaining proper authorization by the owners. 

Most musical instruments are not regulated, except from toy one or some lines that are directed towards children. 

Please let me know if I can help. 



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  1. Shipping to any country is a challenge and Brazil does not make this process easier. I suggest using a reputable logistics shipping company that is familiar with Brazilian ports of call and can properly advise you on regulations and timing. You may possibly need an import tax expert to determine the duty taxes and in some cases the better port to have your products being shipped through. The main factors to consider are timing, tax, insurance, and security.


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