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New Brazilian investment guide - Brazilian Agency for promotion of exports

How to incorporate a Brazilian company through foreign direct investment
List of documents for setting up a company in Brazil
Power of Attorney for setting up a company in Brazil

Apex, the Brazilian agency for promotion of exports, has published a new Investment Guide to Brazil.

The material is beautiful.  The agency in charge of the design did good work.

Compared to the earlier versions, I think that the legal part has  improved. It is more detailed and fairly close to reality.  The main slides regarding company incorporation are reproduced below.

The problem with this guide is excessive optimism and misleading information. For example, it lists as "Tax Incentives"some programs that are, in reality, very limited in scope.

It is also a publicity piece, with government agencies fighting to shine in their respective areas.  Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) almost convinced me that obtaining loans is easy.

If you already know Brazil, I don't think the guide will add much. If you are a beginner, go for it (link below):


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