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NGOs and protection of intellectual property in Brazil. Real legal advice by Pigs in Maputo comic strips

I love "Pigsinmaputo.". It is a comic strip series published by Iris,  a Brazilian PHD who has an unorthodox life style.

Check this one. My comments on the side.

The lawyer she has met is very good! He mentioned some very important topics.

NGOs in Brazil:

i) there are several ways to organize a NGO (which in our acronym is called ONG). But in any of them, extra care with the bylaws (articles of association) is required. There are several acts regulating NGO's activities, as well as the statutory objectives that will make a conventional association become a NGO.
ii) the tip about tax exemption hits the bull's eye. Tax exemptions are only granted to previously selected NGOs. To make it to the list, it is necessary to apply the resources in Brazil. Most of the time, at least.


i) a GOOD CONTRACT. That says it all. There is a considerable number of acts and regulations about intellectual property in Brazil, covering art, software, books, etc. But few lawyers know about it. These regulations often demand mandatory clauses to be inserted into such agreements, or, on the other hand, prevent certain unfair clauses to be upheld by courts. A GOOD CONTRACT, in this sense, is not only comprehensive, but also follows Brazilian rules.

ii) Theft of intellectual property is a crime! The creator/publisher can fight against it, and WIN. Piracy is a huge problem in Brazil, but there is still hope.

Finally, the last sentence sums up all I have been trying to say in this blog. If you are coming to Brazil, YOU SO NEED A LAWYER, AND DIDN'T KNOW IT!

PS: I promises you I didn't ask Iris to write this specific strip. But I'm thinking about asking her to draw others like it.

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